All web devices supported

  • 1 Phones

  • 2 Tablets

  • 3 Notebooks

  • 4 Computers

  • 5 TV



Text in any languages, in any styles


Any images, photo galleries, sliders and more


Any audio material


Possible video from video hosting and own server


Animated 3D Models


Compiling the correct sequence, answering “Yes” or “No”, filling in gaps in the text, choosing one (several) options, etc.


Various charts and graphs


Various forms of feedback


Digital Edition

Modern literary format, lively and interesting

Advanced options for advertisers

It is possible to place an unlimited number of advertisements (commercials, 3d models, links to advertisers’ resources)</h5 >

Linking the electronic version to the printed version

Only those who have access to the printed version will have access to the electronic version

Pocket Digital Library

Publications are always at hand, you can access the publication from anywhere in the world


Text reproduction for audio lovers and people with disabilities

Marketing Tools

You can advertise authors and publishers in the publication, show readers other publications, use forums and discussions

Text to speech

Bookvisor converts text to human-like speech in over 270 voices in over 48 languages and variations. The latest machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies are used to reproduce high-quality human voice.


The whole world has gone online. Including the older generation, which more and more prefers the electronic version rather than the printed media. You will often see people in public transport with a gadget in their hands, and not with a magazine or a book. But this does not mean that people have stopped reading and taking care of their education. Just for these purposes, electronic versions of books, magazines, textbooks and other things are much more convenient. This saves time and you don’t have to worry about having print media on hand.
To access the electronic version, you need to register on the service once and give the correct answer to the “security question”. The answer can only be found out by having access to the printed version. Each user is asked different questions with a limited number of attempts to answer.
Comment: A person can go to the library (borrow a magazine from friends) and find out the answer to a question there, thereby gaining free access to the electronic version.
All this requires a lot of time and additional effort (to puzzle acquaintances with the search for the answer to the security question). Objectively, today time is a valuable resource. This behavior is usually practiced by people who have enough free time or who are really concerned about saving money. Bookvisor, on the other hand, is designed for people who support modern trends and spend their time carefully.
If necessary, you can oblige to pass the security question procedure after a certain period, for example, every week.
In order to access the electronic version, you must already have access to the printed version, from which you can make a PDF. Moreover, making a PDF from a printed version is much less labor-intensive than extracting information fragmentarily from Bookvisor and then processing it. You can prohibit highlighting and copying text, but why? Anyone WANTED without any special knowledge can make a PDF of your publication and put it on the Internet.
Western media have been using electronic versions for a long time. Using the search engine, you can find publications with multi-million circulations that have electronic versions. For example, Forbes magazine with a circulation of 100,000 copies per month in Russia can be freely purchased for $2.5 in PDF form, which is not convenient to read from mobile devices. Using the Internet, you will also find successful publishing houses in Belarus, all of whose products are available in electronic form.